27 Apr

Francesca Tallia wins Best Poster award at ICFPAM 2013, New Zealand

With her rapid-fire presentation entitled “Functionalisation of OH groups in polymers for Class II hybrids for bone substitution”, Francesca was awarded the Best Poster award in the 12th International Conference on Frontiers of Polymers and Advanced Materials, held at the University of Awckland, New Zealand in December 2013.

Let’s hear what she has to say:

“My PhD project focuses on the sol-gel synthesis of inorganic/organic hybrids for bone substitution; therefore, one aspect consists in facing polymer chemistry challenges in order to get a strong bonding between the two components that should eventually act as a single new material. Taking part in the ICFPAM international conference was an exceptional opportunity to meet worldwide experts on polymers and advanced materials and to learn more about innovative technologies for the synthesis and characterisation of organic-based materials. There I presented a poster, which addressed the problem of how to covalently bond OH groups exhibited by biopolymers with silica compounds to make hybrids for biomedical applications… And, since I was just at the beginning of the 2nd year of my PhD, winning the prize for Best Poster was both a surprise and a great honour for me!”