ESRs PhD graduation – until September 2017

The 23rd of June, Ana-Maria Stanciuc defended her PhD thesis in Davos, Switzerland. After the corrections, the final version has been given to INSA, Lyon, where she had registered her PhD. Congrats Dr Stanciuc!!!

ESRs PhD graduation – until February 2017

The 25th of January Francesca Tallia defended her thesis under the supervision of Professor Julian Jones. Congrats Dr. Tallia!!!

ESRs PhD graduation – until January 2017


  • Gil Da Costa Machado, IC.
  • Marcel Boix Alberich, UMONS.
  • Carlos Caravaca, INSA.

PhD graduation:

Congratulations Preethi!! On 30th August 2016 Preethi Balasubramanian successfully defended her doctoral thesis in the field of bioactive glass scaffolds for bone tissue engineering supervised by Professor Aldo R. Boccaccini.

Preethi’s Ph.D. committee:

  • Prof. Jerome Chevalier (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon
    Laboratory of Materials: Engineering and Science (MATEIS)
  • Prof. Nicolas Vogel (Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, FAU)
  • Prof. Erik Bitzek (Chair for General Materials Science, FAU)


ESRs PhD graduation – until August 2016

Congratulations for your successful completion!

  • Marta Gallo, INSA.
  • Abel Gebresilassie, INSA.
  • Claudio Ferraro, IC.
  • Elena Littmann, IC.
  • Quentin Flamant, UPC.
  • Preethi Balasubramanian, UEN.

BioBone Project Final Meeting

15, March, 2016, Imperial College London


BioBone Industry Day + Spin-off meeting

17, February, 2016, Noraker, FRANCE


The industry day program is available here

First PhD graduation:

Congratulations Marta!! Marta defended brilliantly her Ph.D. thesis on Thursday the 26th of November 2015 and became the first “Biobone doctor”.

Marta’s Ph.D. committee:

  • Prof. Aldo Boccaccini, member
  • Prof. Marc Bohner, president
  • Prof. Jean-Michel Bouler, reviewer
  • Prof. Jérôme Chevalier, Ph. D. supervisor Prof. Christèle Combes, reviewer Dr. Rainer Detsch, member Dr. Sylvain Meille, Ph. D. supervisor Dr. Solène Tadier, Ph. D. supervisor

DSC_0456 DSC_0509

Biobone Symposium – 13 to 15 October 2015

This symposium was held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain in October 2015.


BioBone Workshop – Surface mechanical characterization of
ceramic‐based materials

This workshop will be held in UPC, Barcelona, Spain between 23-24, April 2015. The program is available here

BioBone Workshop – Communication skills and scientific training

The workshop was organised to train the early stage researchers on scientific writing and other skills at Imperial College, London. It was held between 19-21 November 2014.


BioBone Workshop –  Surface characterisation of Biomaterials

20-21 October 2014, UMONS, Belgium


The fifth Biobone Workshop held between 20-21 October in Mons, Belgium, on the subject “Surface characterization of Biomaterials”. It took place at UMONS and is being organized by the BioBone members at the Laboratoire de Physique des Surfaces et Interfaces.

The programme of the workshop, as well as the registration and further information can be found in the event webpage.

BioBone Workshop – Cell-material interactions

27-30 April 2014, AO Research Institute Davos, Switzerland

The 4th BioBone workshop “Cell-Material Interactions” was hosted by the AO Institute Davos in Switzerland. Invited speakers and experts from AO gave an insight into in vitro cell cultures, in vitro study design, histology, osseointegration in vivo and infection. To complement the lectures, the fellows participated in demonstrations in the cell lab and practical exercises with artificial bones under the supervision of Dr. Jan Benthien, orthopaedic surgeon at the Hospital of Davos. The industrial perspective was highlighted by Dr. Alan Porporati (Ceramtec, Germany) with a lecture on the evolution of bioceramics for hip implants. Moreover, PhD students and Post-docs of the network were given the opportunity to train their presentation skills with long and short presentations of their work followed by questions & answers session. The workshop closed with a hands-on training on how to approach biology in biomaterials papers and a networking session for the ESRs. The workshop was organized by Dr. Marianna Peroglio; Ana-Maria Stanciuc and Elena Littmann, respectively PhD student at ARI and visiting PhD student from Imperial College London in the Biobone project, led the young scientist events. The programme is available here.

Davos workshop


BioBone Workshop – Mechanical characterisation of ceramic-based materials at different scales

6-8 November 2013, INSA Lyon, France


The BioBone workshop and mid-term review meeting held 6-8, November 2013 at INSA Lyon.  There were about 46 external attendants other than the BioBone partners. It had 7 lectures on the mechanical characterisation of materials varying from micro to macro scale. The workshop started with the management meeting and followed by workshop. The talks were really interesting and useful for the fellows and others who employ different techniques to characterise the bioceramic materials. The fellows had an opportunity as the first time during the workshop to have hands-on learning experience on different characterisation techniques. The program officer visited with an external scientific advisor for the mid-term management meeting. The ESRs and ERs presented their work as poster displays and the minutes of the meeting is available here.

Other Events

E-MRS Symposium: E-MRS 2014 Fall Meeting – Fall Meeting of the “European Materials Research Society” Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw (Poland), 15-18 September 2014

E-MRS 2014

25th European Conference on Biomaterials


8-12th September 2013 Madrid, Spain

This was indeed a great success with about 100-120 persons for the session.

BioBone Workshop – Structural characterisation at multiple length scales

4-5 July 2013, Imperial College London,


The second BioBone workshop on “Structural Characterisation at multiple length scales” was organised by Prof Eduardo Saiz at Imperial College London. There were about 75 attendees with a wide range of backgrounds and a good mixture of industrial and academic background. Members of BioBone project partners including early stage researchers, experienced researchers and scientist – in charge were present. The Workshop programme started with a networking and close interaction between BioBone researchers on 3rd July afternoon. The program for the next two days are elite, appropriate and well-focused. The topics were about different characterisation techniques and was more benefited to a wide range of delegates including Bioceramics, structural ceramics and functional ceramics.

BioBone Workshop – New Processing Techniques for Bioceramics & BioBone Management Meeting

23-25 January 2013, 
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany

icimages-3The first get-together for the BioBone EU ITN project took place in Erlangen, Germany, on 23rd -25th January 2013. The Workshop “New Processing Techniques for Bioceramics” was organized by Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini, Head of the Institute of Biomaterials, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Members from all participating institutions, including Early Stage and Experienced Researchers as well as Principal Investigators, converged in this picturesque and friendly city in Northern Bavaria to enjoy talks on new different processing techniques for bioceramics. These talks ranged from the fabrication of ceramic foams, sol-gel processing and other advanced bioceramic fabrication methods to ceramic coatings using a range of techniques like thermal spraying, enameling and electrophoretic deposition. The program of the Workshop is attached.

Management Meeting

18 September 2012, 
INSA-Lyon, France