20 Sep

E-MRS 14 Fall Meeting, Warsaw

The 2014 Fall Meeting of the European Materials Research Society was held in Warsaw, Poland between 15-18 of September. BioBone-ITN was a main sponsor of the Symposium entitled “Bioceramics for Bone and Joint Repair“.


Several members of the BioBone-ITN were selected to present their work at the meeting, which managed to attract a sizable crowd during all sessions.


IMG_0705 - Copy

Gil Machado was awarded the prize for Best Oral Presentation of the Symposium, with his talk entitled “Effect of composition and surface topography on the adhesion and differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells on calcium phosphate materials”.

27 Apr

Francesca Tallia and Claudio Ferraro win prizes in Postgraduate Research Day

The 23rd annual Postgraduate Research Day was held in March in the Department of Materials at Imperial College London, and two BioBone ESR’s were in the spotlight.

Francesca was awarded the Research Officers’ prize for Industrial Relevance with her poster entitled “Tough bio-inspired Silica/PCL hybrid”.


Claudio received the Postdoctoral Research Assistants’ and Research Fellows’ prize for Best poster Design and Layout with his poster entitled “Bio-inspired ceramic based composites materials for bone substitution”.



Claudio also won the 1st Prize for the Best Image, with his picture “Silicon carbide lollipop”.



27 Apr

Quentin Flamant – Secondment at INSA-Lyon

During his 10 weeks in Lyon, Quentin performed spherical nanoindentation testing of porous Alumina.

He collaborated with Carlos Caravaca (other ESR in BioBone) on the study of the effects of sandblasting on mechanical properties of Alumina, Zirconia and Biolox delta.